About Us

What we do & more

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Our Team

Our team is fairly small (but incredibly diverse). We come from various backgrounds - anything varying from sales, management, finance, economics to engineering and information technology. We've all gathered from 3 far-far away countries - The Netherlands, China and the United States. We're now in one place for one goal - to become to largest 3rd generation card distributor in the world!

Our Story

We started our journey back in 2015 via Startupbootcamp HightechXL on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, NL.  IDNXT is committed to making a secure, universal ID card. The company leaders are fully committed to expanding the business to the worldwide stage, using Holland as the hub for worldwide expansion.

What We Do

IDNXT sells a revolutionary upgrade in all card and card-related technologies.  We do not limit ourselves to cards, however, and are open to other opportunities should the right circumstances unveil!  A card is only one form-factor of becoming a universal identity carrier.  What we want to do is create/provide a solution where the card and phone can work together as a lock & key - thereby heavily increasing security levels and reducing fraud.

The Display IC Card that IDNXT provides follows the existing guidelines of ultra-thin, flexible, and portable authenticated electronics. It also aims to unify online and offline authentication, encryption, authorization, digital signature, rights management, payment, ticketing and other "multi-flow to one" solutions from the cloud to mobile clients.

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