Powering NXT Generation Card Technology

1st generation cards used magnetic strip technology.  2nd gen cards used integrated chips. After many years of scarce development on cards, the future of card technology is now here! IDNXT delivers 3rd generation cards - your card is now an electronic device.

Banks & Financial
Bridging the gap between online & offline payment security. Eliminate all needs for additional authentication devices such as Tokens, Pin-Code Generators and more.
Enterprise & Corporate
Combine nearly all corporate security devices into one.  Enable a 'campus' charge card too. Multiple Security Tokens, Keys, Access Cards, and more! All within one card.

The Limitless Possibilities of All-in-One

Imagine the world's first Universal ID Carrier: Smart City, Smart Transportation, Government ID, Citizen ID, Payments, all combined into ONE Card. Even use the card to secure sensitive data on your phone!

IDNXT Provides Secure, All-Purpose Card Solutions

- The core product in IDNXT’s portfolio is the Powered Smart Card - Your card is now an electronic device


IDNXT distributes ultra-secure, smart card technologies that excel on providing higher levels of security and more convenience. The primary elements and advantages of our technology include: 1. Encryption, Authentication, high-level server security; 2. All-in-one capabilities – combining multiple security devices and functionalities into a single Card + Cloud Solution


Cards are a staple technology, one familiar to almost all age-groups of this generation. They are an unconnected, stand alone identity carrier (as opposed to cell phones which are connected devices). By 2025, all consumers who are using today's credit cards will be utilizing display card technologies in place of their current cards. The future of banking will be one card for all your cards, and this may very well be done in conjunction with mobile payment technologies - in other words, IDNXT intends on creating the worlds first Universal ID Carrier (combining Health/Medical, Debit/Credit/Payment, Loyalty, Government/Passport, Corporate, Personal, all into one).

End-to-End Solution Provider

IDNXT provides an end-to-end solution. And as such, has adopted an Industry 4.0 business model. IDNXT solutions are catered to customer wants, needs and specifications. From card to cloud, all designs can be fully customized. IDNXT partners with global technology and service powerhouses to deliver top-notch, quality solutions.


ID Cards of the NXT generation


Multi-button OTP

Multi-button/12 Button Smart Display Card.  Customization options available.  Pin-protect your card. Multiple OTP, Multiple Card, Balance Option, etc.

One-Button OTP

One-button Smart Display Card.  The most basic and possibly most practical security device for corporate/enterprise security and retail banking.

Fingerprint OTP

Fingerprint OTP Card.  Authentication using a fingerprint scanner embedded in the card.  Can be combined with buttons, to create a versatile AND secure card.

The World of Payments is Evolving!

Mobile payments are an up and coming trend.  Players (Google, Samsung, Apple, LG, etc.) trying to tap into the industry are spending billions and billions promoting their mobile payment technologies.

But lets face it. There's a reason people aren't all using it.  There's a reason why even with so many smart phones, the rate of use of these payment systems is still considered quite low. The primary reason for this is none other than all the existing and anticipated security concerns.  Don't get us wrong though! We love this tech. We want to use it! We just want it to be secure.

As the world of payments evolves, so does the world of hackers.  Our phones essentially put our lock and key together, all on what we might add, is a 'connected' device. By connected, we mean that our phones can aaccess the internet, and the internet can therefore access our phones.

We're in the cyber-security era.  Data protection and Fraud prevention are huge concerns.  We, at IDNXT, believe that the only way to be secure is by making sure the lock and key are once again separated.

At IDNXT, we imagine a world where the phone is used in conjunction with another device, perhaps a card, perhaps something else.  By separating the lock and key and using each as a means to authenticate each other (dual authentication), we can alleviate quite a few security concerns and properly create a universal ID carrier for everyone's ease of use.

Card Specifications


- ISO7816 / ISO 14443A / ISO 15693 / ISO18092 / Mifare 
- 6 to 8 Digit Display
- Time or Event based OTP
- LCD Display Screen or E-Ink Display Screen
- OATH or SM3 algorithm
- Cloud Authentication, PKI Encryption, E-Signature
- Supports NFC/BLE
- Local Settings option-button available for Pincode setup
- Local Memory/Storage
- 3+ Year Battery Life

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